So, school’s out for summer!

While I should be incredibly thrilled at the opportunity to melt my brain with Netflix for 6 weeks, I seem to have ground to a halt and felt stupid after a measly 3 days. I completed my Lit degree while working full-time, and then steamed straight into my PGCE, so, as a result, I’m rubbish at being idle. I eat weird foods, watch actual shite on TV and end up with headaches from being too horizontal. I basically lose all capacity to care for myself, and it gets a bit shameful.

I was asked by a colleague a few weeks ago if I would take over KS2 tutoring one of her students and this giant vortex of time stretching out before me sounded like an excellent opportunity. Why not? It would give me something to do, offer me a little extra money and hone my teaching skills.

Cut to me, the night before the poor girl comes round, looking at the bombshell that is my kitchen table and frantically trying to re-teach myself Primary Maths. I think I’d watched ‘The Blind Side’ too many times and assured myself that it would all fall into place. I’m not even 100% sure what year the girl is going in to. A classroom full of sweaty Year 10s has never seemed more appealing…..