Just when I thought it was all over…


So, my PGCE is over. Done. Finito. I had such good intentions of keeping a blog during my PGCE year to document all of my experiences, but, after realising at one point that I hadn’t eaten for over a day, slept properly and was bordering on being mentally unstable, I felt it perhaps wasn’t the right time.

I have had a week off to recover (but went to Glasto and now have fatigue) before I return to school to start my PGCE year. Luckily, I am returning to my Placement B school, where my mentor and HoD is a dreamboat and my colleagues are the best bunch I’ve ever met. After having everything thrown at me during my PGCE year- believe me, EVERYTHING- I’ve been told my NQT year will be a doddle….

Quote wake up drink coffee

Author: Miss S.

I have just finished my PGCE and I'm off to adult as an NQT.

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